10 Hours?

Yes. Because 100 days seem like a huge commitment.

10 Hours of Code is less frustrating than 100 days of code.

So let’s start small.

The goal of 10 Hours of Code is to expose you to a variety of topics related to software development without having to go in too deep, subscribe to, or pay for anything.

We’ve included topics spanning software engineering, systems engineering, database design, web development, DevOps, and project management.

Technical Micro-Skills

Focusing on micro-skills allows us to get the benefits of greatness by only spending dozens of hours of study and practice as opposed to thousands.


This site contains content sourced from around the web. Jumping down any of these rabbit holes will likely consume way more than 10 hours of your time!


What’s the point of all this!!!

The Core Components

  1. Source Control
  2. Requirements and Design
  3. Development Environment
  4. Databases
  5. Deployment
  6. Software Testing
  7. Programming Languages
  8. Software Development Processes
  9. Software Metrics
  10. A Bunch of Other Stuff You Might Find Interesting

Where to From Here?

Everyone has a unique learning style.

Some like to dabble and jump around (like me!) others take a more methodical and disciplined approach. Neither one is right, and neither one is wrong.

As long as we keep moving forward and learning something new every day we are making progress.

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