Killer Websites To Get Product Ideas

OK, let’s face it: everyone wants to build their own Saas.

Alone in your office, you scream into the night: “But what do people want?”

The Universe whispers in your ear: “Health, wealth, and sex.” and that’s your only clue.

You are going to have to dig.

What’s The Big Idea!!

Problems…I mean ideas…are everywhere — just waiting to be solved.

Remember kids: someone has probably already created your idea. If you find something “JUST LIKE THE THING I WAS GOING TO BUILD!!” don’t freak out. Go to the site, check it out, google it, sign up for their email list, check out how they do things. If they have customers then they’ve validated the idea. Find something they aren’t doing well and make it better. Am I telling you to rip off other people’s ideas? No. I’m telling you to open your eyes, look around, find problems, and create winning solutions.

Oh, and even a shitty product can be wildly successful with the right marketing.

Here are some sites that I use to get the Idea Muscle pumping:

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